All osteopaths are registered and members of Osteopathy Australia.

Dr Kirsten Chadwick Osteopath

Since graduating from RMIT in 1995, Kirsten has worked in N.Z., the U.K and Australia. She has been working in Melbourne’s inner north since 1996, building up a strong referral network in the area.

Kirsten has continued her postgraduate Osteopathic training with study in Cranial Osteopathy, treatment of pregnancy related problems and also treatment of babies and children. These areas continue to be of keen interest to her and she loves treating children as they continue to grow. Kirsten sees issues such as spinal postural development, early detection of scoliosis, and biomechanical dysfunction related to joint injury. Kirsten is also trained in prescription of prokinetic insoles to aid foot function, and influence posture from the feet up.

Kirsten enjoys working with Dentists in the treatment of TMJ (jaw joint) functional problems. She has also recently completed the foundation course with the Tongue Tie Institute to further enable her participation in the manual therapy involved with Tongue Tie.

Kirsten loves Osteopathy for its holistic approach to health, and finds it is always rewarding to work through the many factors that culminate in an individual’s condition. Kirsten is a senior partner at Brunswick Family Osteopathy, and currently practices 4 days per week.


Dr Anita Biddle Osteopath

Anita graduated from Victoria University in 2001 with a Bachelor in Applied Science and Masters of Osteopathy. Her master’s thesis focused on Osteopathic Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition that affects the hand and is renowned for poor treatment options despite being prevalent in the community.

Anita began working at a large multi-disciplinary clinic before joining Brunswick Family Osteopathy in 2004. Anita has undertaken post graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy, Osteopathy for Infants and Children and Obstetric Osteopathic management, RockTape application and recently completed the Foundation Course with the Tongue Tie Institute.

Anita uses a variety of osteopathic techniques, including cranial osteopathy and joint and muscle manipulation. She places a strong emphasis on posture/ergonomics and addressing biomechanical factors causing dysfunction. She has a keen interest in the benefits to obstetric manual therapy and the importance to antenatal and postnatal wellbeing.

Anita finds Osteopathy to be extremely rewarding as it gives her the opportunity to help so many people. Anita is a senior partner at Brunswick Family Osteopathy and currently practices four days per week while juggling life with two children.


Dr Alyssa Doyle Osteopath

Alyssa is a registered Osteopath who completed her qualifications in 2009 at RMIT University in Melbourne. Her Masters Degree involved research into the effects of manual therapy on women's fertility and IVF success rates.

Since graduating, she has had the opportunity to work in both rural Victoria and Melbourne, gaining experience in treating a wide range of conditions. She has also worked as a locum Osteopath in the United Kingdom for eight months during an eighteen month trip travelling through Europe.

Alyssa loves Osteopathy for its whole body approach to treatment and its ability to treat each patient as an individual, including tailoring advice on exercise and nutrition where appropriate. Alyssa is qualified to undertake workplace ergonomic assessments.

She enjoys treating a variety of conditions and has a keen interest in low back pain, headaches, jaw pain and posture related issues such as neck pain and headaches. She has also completed extra study in treating babies and toddlers.

Alyssa currently practises three days a week and keeps busy at home with her active 2 year old son and Labrador.


Dr Michelle Brown Osteopath

Michelle graduated from Victoria University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). Her Masters Degree involved research into the thickness of the Transverse Abdominis muscle in patients with and without a history of low back pain.

After graduating Michelle moved to Perth Western Australia, where she worked for six years at West Perth Osteopathy. Here she gained experience treating a wide range of patients with varying presentations including postural problems, headaches, sporting injuries, pregnancy changes and many more.

Michelle has a keen interest in treating patients with postural and ergonomic related issues and is experienced in the assessment and manipulation of the office workspace to minimise risk of injury. She has also completed further study involving the treatment and management of musculoskeletal changes that occur throughout pregnancy.

Michelle finds Osteopathy very rewarding as it is an holistic approach to healthcare. She enjoys assisting her patients to improve their function and helping to educate and enable better self management.


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